Healing in remote Sicily - My healing story.

Hi my name is Liz Larson. I am one of the organizers of the "Creating Miracles" Event in Ashland this weekend. I hope to meet you in person very soon, but today I have a story to share with you! Last week I was in Sicily, leading a group of 8 women on a Wisdom of the Cells Retreat. We had hiked down to a remote, secret swimming spot on the rugged and volcanic shores of the Island of Lipari, Gorgeous! 

The day before there had been a magnificent thunderstorm. Being so awed by the beauty of the sea and surroundings I forgot one important thing...thunderstorms bring Jellyfish to shore in the Mediterranean Sea! As I swam farther and farther from shore in the crystal clear, warm salt water, I was quickly reminded! I felt a searing sting in the crux of my arm! I knew instantly I had come too close to my invisible swimming "buddy"! Never having been stung before, I began to be quite concerned about the intense burning pain moving around my arm.  I made my way back to the shore as quickly as I could swim with one arm, noticing how far we were from any road and even farther from our villa and any help.  I began to wonder what I would do if I had a severe allergic reaction.  As I arrived at shore, I noticed intense red, swollen blotches appearing all around my arm.  Then I remembered Bill's healing technique.  Being the trainer for this group, I told the women that I was going to take this opportunity to teach them a process.  They all agreed, happily.  I shared the technique, which thankfully is so quick and easy to describe, and I asked them if they would mind using it for me and my jellyfish sting.  Having never heard of the technique before, they were unsure but eager to offer their help.  Within minutes, the pain began to subside to nothing more than that of a bee sting.  Within a half an hour, the pain was virtually gone and the rash began to fade as well.  Later on that day, there were only a few small sting marks to prove it had happened at all.

Scout's Healing Story

Author Jean Hanna recently adopted the adorable and energetic puppy Scout. As with many babies in general, Scout is plagued with chronic hiccoughs!  While it is cute as can be, hiccoughs can be painful for a little one. 

Jean was recently holding little Scout on her chest comforting him through his bout of hiccoughs when she remembered to use Bill's quick healing process! She began to visualize her wiggling pup in perfect bliss and quickly witnessed him settle and be free of hiccoughs! Though it's a seemingly small problem, Jean shared that she was grateful to offer little Scout relief. 

Jean Hanna

Author of

Opening to the Mystery of Miracles

Shopping Addiction

This is from a woman diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. She  is from Brazil It manifested in compulsive shopping and uncontrollable anger.  The first email was after 1 week and the second after a month.



Hi Bill

So happy you wrote I was thinking last night how I wanted to email you. I have noticed so many positive differences.


1. I feel more in tune with the universe

2. I feel like I want to meditate more

3. Throughout my day I am open to people and blessing them and the world

4. I have been practicing my unconditional love meditation with myself

5. On Saturday I had a crazy experience when I reverted back to my old behavior but it felt like a purging saying goodbye to a world that no longer serves me or is a part of me. It was not related to spending but to an aggressive and ugly behavior that boiled up and out of me, jealousy, rage and ugliness. A call for love.

6. My husband and I spoke about how weird it was and how quickly it went away but it was very intense and everything was calm and beautiful afterward. 

7. I have felt no desire to spend, debt or shop --- it has been the opposite really. I have felt a feeling of abundance and gratitude and many new jobs came in this week. It was surreal.


I am ever so grateful Bill for your help and for all the work you do in the universe.


2nd email one month later


Hi Bill

I feel great! My meditations and morning practices have been going really well!!! I feel like a different person. I feel like my true self a being of love and light. My husband asked me to thank you!

I don't have any willingness to shop as a matter of fact I have not been back to a shop or shopped online.


I have had a total release from my childhood feelings and I no longer feel like a victim. 


It would make me so happy if you shared my story!!! 

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