Consciousness Hacks How Can You Use Them

The consciousness hacks are just another way of saying quick fixes to all sorts of life challenges.....they are fixes that really work that are not obvious, some of these were secrets only know to a few...

Bill McKenna

Erasing Negativity

Power Of Your 8th And Earth Chakras To Erase Negativity

Very, very few people in the world know the power of the 8th chakra and even less know how to use it. The same thing goes for the chakras below ones feet.

  1. The 8th chakra is above the top of the head by about 12 inches, one simply holds the command for it to erase ones own negativity out of ones space, same for others negativity in ones space and finally any spirit, beings or entities feeding on it.  

  2. The same is done with the chakra 12 inches below the feet, this is done to clear it all out of the physical body at a cellular level.


Uplifting Everyone

Going from being affected to the one creating the effect

Everyone has heard that they are very powerful but no idea how to access it. This very simple technique is extremely powerful.  You can for example take a hostile group meeting and create a productive, creative, cooperative environment and results. This is good for any group such as family, business, class, club, etc. Do the below before and during the event. Be relentless. 

  1. See everyone with out judgement, all are equal

  2. See the good in everyone, hold the feeling of love and appreciation for each.

  3. Want nothing, fear nothing

  4. No clinging to an outcome of any kind

  5. Tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth


Immunity to Media Negativity - Staying Unaffected by Media

As you interact with others and even watch TV or other media throughout your day feel your body. Feel your back on your chair, feel your feet pressure on the ground, just keep noticing your body.  The world events then become like a play and you are just an observer.  All you need to do is stay in your body, this takes practice. We energetically go to what we observe and get tangled up in it. Stay in the body via noticing it.


Pain Free! Quick Fix to Feeling Others Pain

Others Pain becomes an issue as one moves to higher levels of consciousness. 

Many of us have emotional and physical pain, often we think it is ours and really it is someone close to us. We just take it on without even consciously knowing it.

  1. When in pain ask yourself who might feel this way, who have I interacted with does not feel good, who am I close to? 

  2. Notice 5 things that are different about you and that person, for example; our car is different, where we live is different, my hair style is like this and there is like that, we wear different shoes, my hair color is different than theres, our age is different, my outfit is like this and there outfit is like that.

The separation that simply just noticing differences like the above will instantly make the pain go away.

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