Bill McKenna is a keynote speaker, inventor, pilot, author, blackbelt, ultra marathon, and  teacher. Holds BA from St. Mary's College, Moraga and lives in San Diego with his wife and daughter. 

  Like so many, I had a rough, sometimes violent childhood. Though I grew to build wealth and success in material things, I was using my knack of holding a grudge and reacting with anger to interact with the world. I  pursued a high risk lifestyle as I chased fulfillment... not exactly an enlightened existence.

  However, in 2008 all of that changed! I experienced an abrupt spiritual awakening that lead me to write, “The Only Lesson.” In the years that followed, I began to learn how to use my newfound clairvoyance, intuition and abilities through advanced study at an offshoot of The Berkeley Psychic Institute called Intuitive Insights. I then went on to become an instructor. My journey to learn all that I can to help others has lead me through a Kundalini awakening, and then on to guiding others through the process. I began to see the world with a new set of eyes, a world in which mind over matter is not only possible, but available to all who are willing to learn. I have had the great pleasure of learning from many masters and saints.  These experiences have led me to knowledge so simple and yet so profound that I feel compelled to share with all who are willing to receive it. 

I invented Cognomovement in 2017 after coming to the conclusion that matter over mind or the opposite was also true. I found that our body can force our mind to process what it can not.....I encourage you to experience that as well.  It has led to profound changes for many.

  Today I hold seminars, lecture, write and appear on international shows like Gaia.TV sharing my experiences.

Bill McKenna

Bill McKenna Events   billmckennaevents@gmail.com  for more information  contact event coordinator at-541-218-8414

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